ancient craft


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research meets passion

It was 1983 when Nino decided to take the company onto a new chapter once again, moving the business to Vicenza, heart beating center of the international gemstone and jewellery industry.

He soon realised his passion was far greater than what he thought. He wished to bring into the business a deeper understanding of classical themes and methods for which cameos are known for.

He began working with Venetian glass masters digging world-wide museums and archeological sites archives to bring back to life  what once was the most sought after technique of glass and stone intaglio making.

For decades Tagliamonte was the only brand offering Venetian glass cameos and intaglios and it is only thanks to these decades of work that such products are now widely spread again in the market.

the beginning

Tagliamonte is a brand, a family name and a rooted family affair.

Beginning in Ischia (a tiny island off the coast of Naples) as coral divers in the early 1900, generations have developed deep understanding of jewellery making moving onto cameo shells sourcing, to cameo intaglios productions all the way up to revamping ancient techniques such as glass and stone cameos through meticulous research and multiple trial and error practices.

And so it happened that after generations in the cameo business in 1943 Stanislao Tagliamonte officially opened the Tagliamonte's brand doors in Torre del Greco, a small town outside if Naples, renounced for its cameos heritage.

The business did not take long to get recognised worldwide for the impeccable quality and serviced offered and Stanislao's son Nino Tagliamonte soon became part of the business learning the craft of intaglio beginning from the work bench.