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"So I convinced my father to focus on other market segments and we began to study carving on semi-precious stones and to produce glass paste with subjects inspired by Greek-Roman mythology and history.”

Nino Tagliamonte


It was in 1983 that Nino decided to take the company onto a new chapter once again by moving the family business to Vicenza, heart-beating center of the international jewellery industry.

Here Nino realised that his passion was far greater than he had imagined. His desire was to bring a greater understanding of classical themes and forgotten crafting methods into the business and began with a joint venture with Venetian glass masters and by visiting the archives of museums and archaeological sites all throughout the Mediterranean Basin to revive the manufacturing technique of glass intaglio and cameo gems.

For decades Tagliamonte has been the only brand to offer these gems and it is thanks to the endurance and hard work by the Tagliamonte group of Artisans that Venetian cameo and intaglio Jewellery is  still today so widely spread across the world market.

Tagliamonte is a brand, a family name and a rooted family affair.

It began along the coastline of Ischia in the early 1900s (a tiny island close to Naples) where the Tagliamonte family members earned their living as coral deep-sea divers.

The following generations then developed a broader understanding of the jewellery trade by moving onto the Cassis Rufa cameo shell sourcing, followed by shell cameo engraving, all the way up to discovering ancient carving techniques on glass and stone through meticulous research in museums and archaeological sites throughout the Mediterranean basin and painstaking and diligent bench work.

It so happened  that after generations in the coral and shell trade, Stanislao Tagliamonte officially opened the Tagliamonte brand doors in Torre del Greco on the outskirts of Naples renowned for its cameo heritage.

The business quickly flourished and was recognised worldwide for its impeccable quality and service offered by Stanislao’s son Nino Tagliamonte.

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