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We will update all images very soon. In the meantime we hope you can enjoy this brief description about what makes our work so unique.


The Tagliamonte range of products has evolved over the years and includes jewels that transcend ages and cultures.

Glass and stone intaglio and cameo gems of incomparable uniqueness and beauty where attention to fine details and profound symbolic meaning behind each piece compose stately, refined and timeless jewels.

Whether it may be a custom made piece, a charm to cherish and wear every day, an intaglio depicting a symbolic scene from the Odyssey or a mythological creature said to keep evil at bay from its wearer …….the fact remains that the intrinsic value of the Tagliamonte creations is not merely the market price but a personal emotional one which is ageless,will never be out of date and will never lose its fascination.

A real example of an authentic classic.

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